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Craft Room Makeover: Transform Your Space with Creative Yarn, Needles and Notions Storage Solutions

Got too much yarn, needles and notions and not enough space? If you are an avid yarn crafter, then you probably do. So, what’s wrong with that? Nothing, if you have roomy closets or a she-shed that you can fill to your heart’s content.

But, let’s face it. Most of us don’t.

Storage solutions range from very spendy furniture and organizers, to recycled PVC pipes and bird cages.

Depending on your budget and how much of a DIYer you want to be, here are some ideas.

If your collection means a lot to you and you want the world to see it, then make it part of your interior decor. Display it proudly while keeping it neat and organized with repurposed or antique items. Large wine racks with diamond shaped cubbies add color and texture to blank spaces when mounted to your wall and filled with various hues and shapes of yarn. Big glass or clear plastic jars look amazing when packed with balls of colorful fibers. Small woven or wire bowls and baskets can hold notions or little yarn cakes that make pretty accent pieces. Old crib rails exhibit a rustic vibe when stuffed with thick skeins and leaned against a wall.

If you are a more practical crafter and seek useful, rather than ornamental, ways to consolidate your collection, then you might like the idea of saving used coffee cans, oatmeal containers, magazine holders, or plastic and wooden crates. Attach the coffee cans and oatmeal containers to each other and lay them sideways creating a matrix of smaller niches to shelter long knitting needles, crochet hooks, skeins of wool, and similar notions. Stand magazine holders neatly on open shelving. Their tall, open-sided shape lends itself nicely to stacking bullet skeins, balls, cones of yarn, and other accessories. Arrange crates on their side against a wall and you have an instant storage cabinet.

Off-the-rack solutions are abundant. Anything you can buy to pack away clothing, shoes, toys, bathroom items, or tools can also store yarn, knitting, and crochet supplies. Shoe racks and organizers that hang on the back of the closet door are very versatile. Not only can they hold shoes, but really anything that will fit in that plastic pocket is game, including yarn, needles and notions. Small rolling carts are perfect for holding all the paraphernalia you need for your next knit or crochet project. Park it next to your favorite crafting chair when working and simply roll it into the closet when you’re done. Another hack for portable storage is to drill holes in the lid of of a plastic tote bin. Thread the yarn ends through the holes and take your projects with you without worry of a tangled mess.

A. A. Milne said, “Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” So, keep up the good stitching and maybe use some of these tips to enjoy your craft without getting all mixed up.

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