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Get Your Greens: A List of Plants You Can Dye Wool With

Dyeing Green

There are a number of natural materials that can be used to create green dyes. Here is a list of some of the colorfast natural dyes that can be used to make green:

  1. Nettles

  2. Spinach

  3. Kale

  4. Seaweed

  5. Parsley

  6. Henna

  7. Indigo

  8. Fustic

  9. Eucalyptus

  10. Willow bark

It is important to note that the shade of green that you can achieve with these natural dyes will depend on the specific plant material you use and the conditions of your dye bath. Some of these materials may also need to be used in conjunction with a mordant to help the dye adhere to the fibers of the fabric or yarn.

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