Holding Space and a Recharging Place

It's February 1st and you know what that means, a new blog post!

But more importantly, we have successfully made it through the first part of 2021.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge the progress we have made since the year began.

Have you done anything differently since the year began? It doesn't have to be a large change, hobby, or goal; remember, simply making changes (no matter the size) is better than no change at all.

So I'll ask you again, what did you do? Did you manage to go to bed a little earlier this month? Four days of earlier sleep is significantly better than zero days of earlier sleep. Eaten out a little less? Cast a few more rows on your knitting project? Get in a few extra steps a day?

Progress isn't linear.

If you answered yes to any of those examples or more, then you've made progress and that should be celebrated. Far too many people lose traction with their resolutions and goals even after the first month of the year; Forbes states over 80% of people will rescind their New Year's Resolutions between January and February of any year. So again, let's take a moment to celebrate any progress you've made. Let's use the affirmation of our realignment to motivate us through the next month.

After all, if there's any month you can make it through, it's the shortest one:: February.

Although this month is typically associated with love amongst others, I want to challenge you to love yourself. At the end of the day, you are your one true love. No, I don't mean that those you love aren't important to you or that you are more important than anyone else.

I'm here to remind you that you matter, your feelings are valid, your time and energy are precious, and you are worthy of love.

So this month, let's work together to love ourselves a little bit more each day than the we did the day before. With that, let's move forward with one goal in mind.

Do one thing a day to promote self-love.

I'm not talking about grand gestures, expensive trinkets, or time consuming trips. I want to encourage you to focus on mundane choices that add up over time. I'm talking about prioritizing yourself in small moments (but hey, bigger goals are great too!) and holding space for yourself. How often do you find yourself listening to your own feelings or needs...especially compared to that of those around you? Family, friends, customers or clients?

How often are you holding a space for your own mind?

Get yourself a pen and start creating a list of activities, mantras, or moments that can hold space for you to think, breathe, re-charge, or pause for the day.

  • Write down what you're excited about in the morning

  • Stretch before bed

  • Light a candle

  • Take ten more minutes in a hot shower