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Knit Like a Pro: Master the Magic Loop Method

Magic loop knitting is a method for knitting in the round using a single long circular needle, rather than using multiple double-pointed needles or a set of short circular needles. It is especially useful when knitting small circumferences, such as the top of a hat or the fingers of gloves.

To use the magic loop method, you will need a long circular needle with a flexible cord, such as a 32-inch or 40-inch needle. You will also need a yarn and a set of stitch markers.

Here are the steps for magic loop knitting:

  1. Cast on the required number of stitches onto the circular needle, leaving a long tail at the beginning.

  2. Slide the stitches to the center of the cord and place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round.

  3. Hold the needle with the cast-on stitches in your left hand and the working yarn in your right hand. The cord should hang down, with the stitches on one side and the working yarn on the other.

  4. Bring the cord up and over the top of the stitches, so that the working yarn is on the right side of the cord.

  5. Knit the stitches as you would normally, working from left to right. As you reach the end of the round, slip the marker and continue knitting.

  6. When you have completed the required number of rounds, bind off the stitches as usual.

  7. Weave in the ends and block the finished piece as desired.

Using the magic loop method takes a little bit of practice, but it is a useful skill to have in your knitting toolkit. It allows you to easily work small circumferences and avoids the need to carry multiple needles

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