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My Secrets to Holiday Gift Giving...from 6 Feet Away

Updated: May 2

It's no secret that Holidays look different in 2020. Countless folks are making hard decisions to miss a year of family traditions; meaning no big dinners, no Uncle Bill's burnt ham, and minimal to no in-store gift hunting.

While this may seem like an introvert's dream, I'm going to be honest; it is also 5 times more stressful. While I Iove the luxury of staying home in my PJ's under a hand-knit blanket, I miss the experience of walking through Christmas lit plazas and seeing my Grand Elves giggling through stores and helping me find their parents presents.

I am officially feeling inspired to share my Home Holiday Shopping Hacks with you.

Let's get to it!

Put on Your Favorite Holiday (or not) Music

Before we even start, it is so vital to get in that Christmas mood! So put on your favorite upbeat Christmas playlist or play something with more of a classic feel.

Either way, get yourself ready for a day of Christmas Shopping just like at the stores!

Get Yourself Dressed for Gift Hunting Success

The first secret is from my own book of working from home as an introvert and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Dress for success! This doesn't mean a power suit or tie, but daily wear beyond your bathrobe. Companies like Wall Street Journal support and suggest dressing up to work from home to promote routine and productivity.

I know, I personally feel much more inclined to work once I slip out of my sleepwear! So why not get dressed up for your annual present shopping, as well...after all, would you wear your favorite Sherpa slippers to the store?

PJ's, although immensely comfy, are meant for sleeping; by leaving the loungewear behind you are subtly reminding yourself to relax in PJ's instead of associate your favorite fleece bottoms with running errands. Trust me, your midnight anxiety brain will thank you for letting your PJ's remind you of sleep and not storefronts.

Maybe you had a tradition of dressing up with friends, family, (or your favorite in laws) in festive scarves or fancy boots; let's not let that tradition fade away. I know it's hard to feel the joy of Holidays this year, but experts from Healthline recommend keeping routines to boost positive morale and productive feelings. Your Holiday Shopping regimes are no different...let's just remember to do them as socially distant as possible.

Of course if you're a fellow fiber artist, your errand apparel is probably hand crafted and super cozy, so bonus points if you're Home Holiday Shopping outfit is cozy and functional!

So stop reading right now and go get dressed! I'll wait.

Are you wearing your Christmas Sweater? Did you brush your hair? Good! We're moving forward with our tips and tricks.

Continue Traditions with your Favorite Warm Beverage

I can't possibly imagine that I'm the only one who stops at my local coffee shop for a hot pumpkin spice latte so I can fill my belly with Christmas Spirit while perusing for presents. Even though I love the experience of stopping at Apple Knockers General Store,this post is all about creating your own experience from home. So let's get to our next step.

Now for making that perfect festive liquid fuel, if you're anything like me and live remotely then you may have already mastered the craft of the perfect cup of coffee from home. For those that haven't, here are a couple options! Depending on the length of your Naughty and Nice list you may want to jumpstart your day with instant coffee or bask in a pour over.

Many folks tend to have home coffee makers and if you're like our household and own a Keurig then you've probably tried an array of coffee pod flavors. I highly recommend Cameron's Kona Blend with a splash of half n' half, dash of vanilla, and pinch of Pumpkin Spice! (p.s. I always think of my youngest daughter, Sarah, who lives in Hawaii, when I sip on this tasty brew). Not to mention you can add yourself to the nice list for using biodegradable pods that are 100% compostable if your town offers composting services.

A hot cup of Christmas ready in the time it takes you to boot up your computer!

However, if you're a fellow early bird then you may have some extra time to prepare the perfect pour over. My go to accessory is the power combo of the Ceramic Hario Coffee Dripper and eco-friendly reusable Organic Coffee Filters. I like to use 12 grams or 1-2 tablespoons of my favorite roast and pour my hot water over about 1 minute and let it stand for 3, before adding any goodies!

If you're patient enough to not peek at the presents under the tree, I promise the couple minute wait for the pour over is well worth it.

With that warm mug in hand you are ready to conquer the world of virtual shopping.

Most people would guess that internet shopping is much easier for an introvert or HSP, but it can actually be just as daunting! The internet is a limitless wonder easy to rabbit hole into. Not to mention the millions of suggestions appearing during google searches or the flashy visuals on websites.

So I'm here to tell you my best tip....after the coffee...because nothing soothes the soul quite like coffee. Which by the you need a second cup? If so, go make it right now.

Make a List, Check it Twice and Support Small Businesses

Even when not shopping from home, my go to strategy is making a list for gifts. As an HSP it is incredibly important to me that I don't lose energy to bright lights, lines of people, or unending selections...only to come home empty handed, over-stressed, and exhausted.

So Here are Tips to Navigating the Virtual Shopping Scene.

  • Make sure that you take the time to make a list of gift possibilities for your loved ones. This will help you avoid pressure on the spot to "find the perfect gift" and narrow down your shops to search for.

  • Give yourself a time limit to find the gift(s) for each person...and stick to it. It's easy to lose track of time when you're in your own space and easier to get pulled into the web finding "the perfect version" of your gift.

  • Know when sales are happening. Okay, this one may require more research ahead of time, but it will pay off (literally) in the long run for saving festive funds.

  • Shop local and support small businesses when you can. Especially this year, support your neighbors, artists, plant shops, and fellow human beings. Shop local and help keep small business alive to reset in 2021. Plus, you're more likely to find a personalized gift than box stores offer.

  • Shopping Carts and Bookmarks are your best friend, don't be afraid to save an item to think about purchasing. This can help prevent the stress of impulse buyers remorse.

  • Use the rule of 15. If items aren't at risk of being sold out and you're worried if it's the right gift....leave the item in your cart for 15 minutes and take a 15 minute break to eat a snack (or make another pour over). Give yourself time to think that you would normally get by walking to another store or taking a photo with Santa. If it's meant to be, the item will be ready and waiting in your basket.

Now it's time to get shopping! Hopefully these tips help you get ready for a day of Christmas Gift Clicks.

From one human being to another, you got this. Christmas may feel different, but you still have the power to celebrate it and share the magic. Enjoy that coffee ;)


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