The Bubbling Brook Shawl

I’ve just released “The Bubbling Brook Shawl”. This crochet pattern was a fun one to design and I think you’re going to love how fast it works up. Crocheted from the top down and full of interesting bubbly bobbles, this shawl would look beautiful in a million different color combinations. How about blue and green to represent a flowing, bubbly brook? I’m planning to crochet another one in cream and coffee. I think it will match so many things in my ever-shrinking wardrobe.

Did I tell you I’ve been getting rid of so much stuff, including a bunch of clothes that I never wore and were weighing me down? I feel lighter already. You really should try it. Only surround yourself with things that make you feel good. The rest has to go. It can be life-changing if you give it a chance! Enjoy the pattern and please let me know what you think.

#bubblingbrookshawl #theautumnacorn #lacycrochetwrap #lacytriangularshawl #crochetpattern #minimalism

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