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Where to Find the Best Knitting + Crocheting Patterns

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Where to Find the Best Knitting + Crocheting Patterns

You want to begin a new knit or crochet project but don’t know where to start. There are countless patterns out there to buy or for free. So how do you proceed? Here are some suggestions to try, have fun!

* The Internet

* Yarn Shop Websites like or make their money selling yarn and may offer free patterns to go with that yarn.

* Craft Websites like or are in the business of sourcing yarn and curating needlework and other craft kits. Like a craft store, they sell the patterns and everything you need to go with it. They may offer some patterns for free.

* Yarn Craft Blogs like offer unique patterns for beautiful knit and crochet items and other helpful information.

* Libraries Don’t discount your local library. Libraries today are full of resources and people who know how to access them. Aside from directing you toward books with patterns, the librarian may know of a knitting group or a crochet master in your community.

* Yarn Craft Clubs These might be on-line or in-person. Gatherings of like-minded crafters are perfect places for swapping patterns, finding help when you're stuck on a technique, or sharing some of your own knowledge.

* Vintage Collections There are thousands of patterns that are no longer available simply because they were published many years ago and are now out of print. If you are interested in vintage clothing or textile history, check out your local thrift shop for older patterns that might inspire you.

Patterns used to be taught and passed along via word of mouth, maybe some still are. But, by the mid-nineteenth century there was a shift from hand production of knit and woven goods for necessity, to industrial production of clothing for the masses, Hand knitting declined as part of an industry and entered the realm of hobby. Now patterns were beginning to be printed and sold to consumers for the new leisure activity of knitting and crochet.

*If you'd like a FREE copy of my newest knitting pattern, the "Norwegian Fir" hat, knit with one skein of dk wt Gotland-Silk yarn, just click on the photo. If you don't have any DK wt yarn on hand, you could use 2 strands of fingering wt yarn held together. This is an easy, rustic lace hat knit bottom up. Enjoy!

p.s. The lovely yarn I used is from the Gotland sheep from a local VT farm, "Vermont Grand View Farm".

We’ve come a long way from crafting with yarn in order to stay warm, learning directly from moms and grandmothers what type of yarn and stitching to use to create clothing and blankets, to finding patterns on Pinterest for knit or crochet cell phone covers, high-fashion wraps, boutique stockings, or cute stuffed animals.

So, whether you are high tech or old school, amazing patterns are everywhere, giving us the opportunity to find, create, and share fun exciting designs.

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